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Biztras helped ABU DHABI TOURISM to Digitize and Content Manage Half a Million rare masterpiece Manuscript pages.

Abudabi Tourism

Manuscripts are ancient books published in the Arab countries, and each copy of the manuscript is a unique level of document. Some are considered culturally and scientifically a very rare masterpiece. Most of the pages are in very poor physical condition. To protect this asset and provide an electronic copy for scientific research Abu Dhabi Tourism and Cultural Authority was seeking a world class service provider to manage this entire project.

  • Scanning: Convert manuscript records to imaged files on demand using ECM built-in scanning interface
  • Digital Capture: Reduce back-office work by saving to default folders with one click, auto-importing documents and automatically populating metadata
  • Electronic Document Capture: Connect repository to productivity applications with built-in capture tools.
  • High-Volume Capture and Processing: Automate document identification, indexing, classification and filing in even the most paper-intensive environments.

CLIENT BENEFIT world class

    Abu Dhabi Tourism and Cultural Authority could use digital tools to preserve old texts and manuscripts. There are a lot of advantages to these techniques that Abu Dhabi Tourism and Cultural Authority is benefiting from—not only can they be stored and cleaned up even if the originals are too delicate, but digitizing old books can allow more people to read them than if they only existed as physical objects. Abu Dhabi Tourism and Cultural Authority can publish these manuscripts on their Library Management System using world leading ECM software.

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