Enterprise Content Management

Construction Management

Document Distribution
One stop solution for your entire project management . Distribute documents and create work flows instantly with your project teams.
Document Distribution
Digitize & Collaborate
Document distribution help you to digitize and collaborate data with workflows and applications in an efficient way.
Keep information secure with data retention policies and increase regulatory compliances . Enable accessibility through a complaint interface.
Increase the productivity and reduce the risk by digitizing the transmittal process.
Increase the productivity through process automation and improve project efficiency .
Streamlined process
Digitize and share files of any size and reduce printing time and cost .
Version control
Increase the productivity and reduce the risk by digitizing the transmittal process.
Always Current
Never make decisions based on outdated information, always work off the latest.
No “DELETE” button
Once information is shared, an iron-clad audit trail protects it from being accidentally lost or deleted. No more excuses!
From shop drawings to material data, submittals are critical to any project. As an architect, engineer or contractor, you need a collaborative platform to easily share and review documents.
Document Distribution
Improve process efficiency
Manage all submittals in a cloud based platform to decrease administration and turnaround times with automated reviews and approvals.
Full audit trail
Take all types of submittals through a single, standardized workflow to ensure you have a complete
Design Reviews
Coordinate design requests, revisions, and approvals to reduce time, cost, and risk on projects while promoting collaborative relationships between designers, contractors and stakeholders.
Cut review times in half
From simple design reviews to technical verification, cut review times by more than half while streamlining the creation of master plans,
Version control
Centralize the management of design reviews with one source of truth, ensuring everyone is aligned internally and across organisations, working off the latest documents and drawings.
Progress tracking
Full tracking and detailed reporting on the flow of information across any number of parties. Controlled, automated processes let you get more done, faster.
Process Tracking
Better visibility
Quickly search workflows or run predefined reports to determine what is newly assigned, pending and what is overdue. 100% of customers surveyed by TechValidate reported improved visibility into process bottlenecks and delays using Aconex.
Reporting across workflows
Transparency allows everyone to monitor progress in real time or identify and action bottlenecks before they create significant delays.
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