Digtal Branding

Web Application Design & Development

Designed to be creative and insightful at the same time, Biztras contributes to the promotion of your marketing needs down from the bottom line. We make you forget all about the growing market shares and help you improve your operational efficiency and competitively align with progressing sales with a result-oriented website. We create well-designed, impactful, innovative sites that are focused on converting most of the visitors to prospective customers.

What we do?

Website development is considered expensive but at the same time inevitable in today’s fluctuating and competitive marketplace. On the contrary, we make cost effective and fresh ideas to make the site a streamlined pathway for better traffic to your website and make your customers stay focused on your products. Having the expertise and exposure in B2B website creation and the marketing tactics, we have learned how to tackle the challenge of dedicated customer focus efficiently and effectively towards your site.

How do we do this?

We use the best-ever-practices in content and design development. Our resources research and analyze your business requirements and using the right mix of strategy, tools, templates, workflow, and performance analysis, we make simple and uncluttered content and design for you. Based on our experience working with large, mid-sized and small B2B marketing firms, the websites we develop carries forward the credible promotion of your product with intensified ROI.

Search Engine Marketing

The Customer Journey starts with Awareness – of a product/service, then comes Consideration – of considering alternative options, finally the Decision – to buy or not. The wise advertiser will guide the customer right from the start – Advertise and make the audience Aware of their services.

Biztras  – Search Advertisement Campaign Management Team – can assist the advertisers present their services to the omni-present Internet audience with ease and impact.

We concentrate on online promotional campaigns incorporating SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, beginning with market research, up to preparing an appropriate advertising strategy for the client organization, banner design and Web Analytics Consulting. Bridging the gap between real customers and the vendor will require a genuine approach. Biztras demonstrates how the client can capitalize exactly on the requirement of the target customer, than spending on every promotional strategy.

Social Marketing

The supreme benefit of having a strong social network and presence is how businesses get to engage with users, by being part of a conversation, about their brand while it is still happening. No matter the size, scale and scope of your company, social media marketing done effectively will initiate a conversation with the target audience. When it comes to making your presence felt in the social media setting, any time is good time to initiate a conversation.

Companies today, use social media for multiple purposes such as reaching out to potential candidates, market study and of course, reaching out to the end-consumer. The nature of the requirement also varies from one client to another, for instance Advertising Agencies, Event Agencies, Media Agencies, Corporates big and small – all have their own specific requirements. Whatever may be the nature of your requirement for reaching out to the end user – be it related to PR and marketing, sales and customer services, other customized services or even a combination of the above, we are at your prompt service. Formulating social media marketing strategies for your exact purpose is our specialty.

Online PR

Prototyping is the new Thinking! What works best in advertising has always been ‘showing’ the functionality and pluses of a product. However, with the global audience, digital media works best. This is where visual designing helps immensely; a variety of design tools allow the creation of graphics, animations and multi-dimensional models. Customizing the graphic energy and tone of your website to create and demonstrate highly creative and inventive ideas is what we realize at Biztras. Presenting a product prototype or an idea before potential customer will be most effective, given that they will then get a strong idea of how they benefit from your specific product and/or service.

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