Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobile App Development

When your enterprise jumps on the mobility bandwagon with a strategic view centred around bring your own application (BYOA), Biztras has vowed to assist you in becoming the masters of any mobile application.

Enterprise mobile development was established to determine what mobile apps your organization’s employees and customers could utilize based on the services they each have to offer. Companies have been providing mobile solutions for their employees to witness productivity gains in shorter spans.

A mobile application is just a software application that runs on any smartphone device and tablet. However, these applications are narrowed down to either B2C (Business-to-Consumer) or B2E (Business-to-Employer) based on the organization.  Effective mobile solutions take full advantage of capabilities like access, insight and convenience, which is unique to mobility. This reason has pressured multiple companies to adopt mobility in their respective workplaces.

Retail Mobile Apps / M-Commerce

Mobile Commerce or M-commerce refers to the utilization of wireless handheld devices for buying and selling of goods and services. Alternatively known as next-generation E-commerce, M-commerce was founded upon expanding usage of E-commerce. The emerging technology is based on Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) and i-mode mobile Internet services have mobile phones equipped with web-ready micro-browsers anywhere in the world.

M-commerce has been adopted by all ranges of mobile devices as Apple pay and Android pay both enable customers to quickly purchase from various social media platforms. Wireless infrastructure dependability impacts services offered by M-commerce which can be either Business-to-Consumer (B2C), Business-to-Business (B2B) or Person-to-Person (P2P) oriented.

Our team strives in delivering content over wireless devices in the most secure and scalable pattern; as per your company’s motive. Our technical team is also capable of skillfully handling your financial, telecommunication, information and service/retail sectors across mobile devices. Your mobile application is built to perform in conjunction with the mobile website to intensify your customer’s shopping experience. At hexabts, we use cross-platform mobile development alongside 4G technology to come up with solutions to all kinds of M-commerce related grievances which compromises of mobile banking, auctions, stock quotes, SMS alerts and Mobile marketing including billings and payment portals inbuilt in your application of choice.

Field Force Automation Apps

Field Force Automation (FFA) is the documentation of field sales or service information in real time using various communication technologies. The instant capture of information reduces time delays, avoid data errors and enhances field force productivity. No wonder, FFA has been incorporated in popular delivery and travel apps.

Generally, FFA apps are robust and tracking module that contains real-time tracking, application synchronization and productive track records. The biggest challenge in FFA is developing a simple, user-friendly interface for hand-held devices like smartphones and tablets. Our experts come up with advanced solutions to address your company’s sales module.

Daily Sales Report (DSR) Automation with authentic data is vital for decision making for major business meetings. We use a GPS based software that ensures a web-based dashboard for top management and sales reps using Android phones. The availability of product catalogs from the mobile app, showcasing new products and marketing planogram to the customer and sending digital collaterals remotely so that it can be displayed on the field user’s device are features that come under the FFA. Reports of on-field performance contributing to your company’s productivity is included in our services. For example, retail mobile application, laundry mobile application, field inspection application is developed at Biztras SP

Game & Augment Reality Development

The world of mobile technology moves at a lightning speed and staying in touch with latest trends have seemed difficult. At Biztras, we are already exploring the world of augmented reality and what it has to offer to your business.

Augmented reality allows overlay of digital data on top of real-world objects done by developers in our company. Development of apps in augmented reality reaps plentiful rewards and accolades that enables your customers to engage users or generate revenue. In pursuit of newer technologies, we specialize in 3D modeling with seamless AR/VR adoption in this category. AR is used in all aspects of life, but more often in gaming means. Our company is also exploring this platform by offering services that enhance your gaming experience. For gamers and developers alike, AR is the cutting edge technology that seems to have a great future in all fields.  We develop 2D games, 3D games and educational games with AR devices. In addition to this, marketing augmented app, augmented company profile creation and augmented product launches are some of the many platforms we are currently exploring with many businesses.

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