Open Source Best Fit Analysis

Document management

Get employees, customers, contractors and third parties using enterprise document management software, quickly and easily, with repositories that provide filtered, personalized views of files.

User-Friendly Interface: Update documents, add document annotations, redact confidential information and change document metadata from a single interface

Rich Search: Instantly retrieve documents with quick and advanced search options tailored to individual users’ security rights

Robust Metadata: Add, view and modify document metadata to index, search and retrieve documents

BPM workflow

Promote continuous productivity with built-in business process management tools offering rules-based routing, email notifications and activity monitoring.

Workflow Automation: Save hours of staff time with rule-based workflows for simple tasks like renaming documents and emailing document changes

Business Process Management: Optimize resource-intensive, multi-department processes including vendor and contract management, invoice processing.

Business Process Management: Electronic records management, travel and expense management and records management.

Reporting: Boost staff productivity and simplify process management with reports on every business process step.


Replace paper forms with easy-to-design Laserfiche Forms that collect and route information digitally from the start.

Intuitive Publishing: Create and publish e-forms with an intuitive forms designer that requires no coding.

Automated Routing and Review: Streamline approval by connecting forms to workflows that can be built quickly in a drag-and-drop business process modeling pane.

Task Management: Show authorized staff all pending forms and actions required, increasing visibility and promoting timely responses.

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